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Why Should I get a Bod Pod?

A Bod Pod test measures the percentage of your body weight that is comprised of lean tissue versus fat tissue. When you gain or lose weight, a scale doesn’t tell you if that weight change is muscle or fat. This test is the ultimate tool for tracking your progress because it reliably tells you how much lean muscle you have gained and how much fat you have lost.

Who Uses the Bod Pod?

CrossFit Gyms

Corporate Wellness

Fire and Police Departments

Coaches – Sport Specific Training

Health Clubs

Professional Teams

Nutrition Centers

Weight Loss Centers

College Teams

Bod Pod in the Combine

Body Composition Comparision

See why the Bod Pod is considered the “Gold Standard” of body composition testing.

Accuracy 100%
Speed 100%
Safety 100%
Special Populations 100%
Accuracy 60%
Speed 60%
Safety 40%
Special Populations 40%
Accuracy 100%
Speed 20%
Safety 60%
Special Populations 40%
Accuracy 20%
Speed 100%
Safety 60%
Special Populations 80%
Accuracy 20%
Speed 60%
Safety 100%
Special Populations 80%

Bod Pod Bibliography

Validation vs. Hydrostatic Weighing

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Validation with Obese Patients

Validation of Interdevice Variability

Evaluation of the test


Required Clothing

MEN – Form-fitting Speedo® or Lycra® / spandex-type swimsuit, or single-layer compression shorts (without padding).
WOMEN – Form-fitting Speedo® or Lycra® / spandex-type swimsuit, or single-layer compression shorts and sports bra (without pading or wires).
A swim cap is required for all testers and will be provided by your Bod Pod technician.
A private changing area is available prior to performing your BOD POD test.

Test Preperation

  • Do not eat or drink anything for at least 2 hours prior to your test.
  • Do not exercise 12 hours before your test. Limit activity prior to your visit. Exercise prior to your test can elevate your breathing and body temperature which may interfere with your test results.
  • Schedule subsequent visits under the same conditions (time of day, hydration levels, clothing).

Taking the Test

  • Your mass will be measured by the scale.
  • You will then sit in the BOD POD where your volume will be measured. Not to worry, nothing is required of you at this point except to sit still, relax and breathe normally.
  • Your test will be complete in just under 5 minutes.
  • While you’re changing back into your clothes we will print your results.


Certified Body Weight

Body weight is simply your overall weight, as measured by our certified accurate scale during your BOD POD body composition analysis test.

Body Fat Percentage

A certain amount of fat is absolutely necessary for good health. Fat plays an important role in protecting internal organs, providing energy, and regulating hormones. The minimal amount of “essential fat” is approximately 3-5% for men, and 12-15% for women. If too much fat accumulates over time, health may be compromised.

Fat Free Mass

Fat Free Mass is every component of your body except fat that makes up your body’s weight. It includes muscle, water, bone, and internal organs. Muscle is the “metabolic engine” of the body that burns calories (fat) and plays an important role in maintaining strength and energy.

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