Bod Pod CrossFit Gardendale

Bod Pod Birmingham AL

Don’t get caught up with the number on the scale. It cannot tell the difference between a pound of muscle or a pound of fat.

Bod Pod Birmingham AL

The Bod Pod can tell you your progress no matter what your goal may be.

Bod Pod Birmingham AL
Bod Pod Birmingham AL

The Bod Pod is considered the Gold Standard of body composition testing by using air displacement to provide the up most accurate results.

Bod Pod Birmingham AL
Bod Pod Birmingham AL

With no obvious change in weight, individuals can gain muscle and lose fat, or lose muscle and gain fat. Something the scale doesn’t tell you.

Bod Pod Birmingham AL

The Bod Pod is extremely accurate and offers a quick and dry alternative to underwater weighing.

Bod Pod Birmingham AL

A single Bod Pod test takes approximately 50 seconds and is repeated for accuracy. The machine is calibrated before every use to assure an accurate reading.

Bod Pod Birmingham AL

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